The Best Of My Weekend

13 Powerful Quotes from Pioneer Nation

“Success leaves clues, and the people who produce outstanding results do specific things to create those results.” – Tony Robbins

This weekend I went to Pioneer Nation, an intensive retreat for online entrepreneurs. Hosted by Chris Guillebeau, it’s a sister event to the World Domination Summit. While WDS is inspirational, uplifting, and full of “You Can Do It!” Pioneer Nation is a smaller gathering of people who are already doing it.

Most of the attendees had already left a regular lifestyle behind, started building their big thing, and are looking at how to gain traction and scale. This is one of the reasons I love Pioneer Nation: it’s full of people who are already on the trail to digital success, and we’re all just helping each other get there.

The venue for the conference was on Mt Hood, on a road that the original Pioneers on the Oregon Trail used to complete their immense journey across the continent. Here was the place where they could see the end in sight, and the long journey they made across the wilderness was coming to a close.

I spent the weekend working on a personal development website for dads:

I’ve held Father Fitness in reserve for months now, tinkering with it in my own private workshop. My habit with creating projects is to launch it as soon as it’s barely ready, and then find out later that there are lots of ways I could have done it better, if only it wasn’t out in the wild already. Father Fitness will be the platform that supports me for the next five to ten years, so I really want to spend the time to make sure I’m doing it well.

Working on the content strategy and identifying the audience, and the problems they are trying to solve, has been a phenomenal way to spend this weekend. I went to some incredible workshops, and was privileged to learn from some of the brightest minds in marketing and digital media.

During the event, I was livetweeting on the hashtag #pdxpioneer all the really juicy ideas that struck me as insightful or exceptional. My thirteen favorite quotes are below.

Thirteen Powerful Quotes from Pioneer Nation


“Asking the right questions is the best way to get the right answers.”  @taragentile


“People want to feel like they’re a part of something. They want to be a part of your story.” – @marcusharvey


“The more specific the pain is that you are solving, the more likely people are going to buy it.” @grantbaldwin

“I know where I want to be in 10 years. The way I don’t go crazy is I detach myself from how I get there.” – @ducttape

“Social media is great. Everyone should use it. But it’s not what creates an experience with users.” – @marcusharvey


“Messing up is an important part of the entrepreneurial journey.” – @taragentile

“Your webinar should be a dialogue, and not a monologue.” – @grantbaldwin

“Your big idea has to make the competition irrelevant.” – @ducttape


“You can have instant authority on a topic just because you are writing a book about it.” – @nathanbarry


“Your welcome gift should not be inspirational. It should be practical. Inspiration doesn’t convert very well.” – @taragentile


“The biggest risk we all face is to spend months or years building something that no one wants.” @CorbettBarr


“If I had to pick one trait to unify all entrepreneurs, it would be resourcefulness.” @vvanedwards

“I really believe that if you get a few things right, the rest will sort itself out.” @chrisguillebeau

I’ll be blogging more about the conference soon, with much deeper context and specifics about what I learned. Stay tuned!